The Fastest Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with the Best Results – 4 days, Less than $200

Have you ever held back from starting a project because you’re just daunted by the sheer amount of work it would take?

Yeah, that’s how I felt about painting our kitchen cabinets. Every time I was in the kitchen, I would make a mental note of how good it would look if we painted our cabinets white. Yet, for over a year, I never got around to starting it because of all the work that would be required.

In every blog I read about painting kitchen cabinets, people would be saying things like, “Yay! we completed our makeover in TEN DAYS!” or “It only took us TWO WEEKS to finish this!”

Um… yeah I didn’t want to commit to more than a couple days of chaotic kitchen madness.

Well, the saying goes, “work smarter, not harder” right?

Because I was definitely set on doing this project, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a plan for painting my cabinets in only four days. Granted, I’m not going to lie, those four days were pretty labor intensive, but we saved ourselves tons of stress and minimized the amount of time that we would be “under construction”. We also have two dogs and one cat, so the possibility of dust and fur floating into our cabinets while the doors are being worked on was an issue for me.

I have to say, after four days of hard work, I am so happy with the results!! If you have not seen the before and after pics, head over to my reveal post. I’ll be waiting for you back here!

How to paint kitchen cabinets in only four days at

How did we paint our kitchen cabinets in only 4 days?

I figured that one of the biggest reason (aside from the fact that it’s just a tedious process) why painting kitchen cabinets takes so long is the fact that you’re literally waiting for paint to dry between coats. So, I figured that if you switch between different parts of the cabinet, you can work continuously, thereby minimizing the duration of the project. For us, this meant going back and forth between our two workstations (the kitchen for the cabinet boxes and the garage for the doors & drawers), which I actually liked in comparison to being stuck in one place all day.

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Also, I saw a lot of other blog posts where the person skipped important steps like washing, sanding, and priming. I understand that there are methods and products that allow you to do this with similar results, but (1) I didn’t want to spend a whole bunch of money and (2) from my experience of painting furniture in the past, I found that skipping steps usually comes back to haunt you sooner or later.

So, here’s my step-by-step outline of how we painted our kitchen cabinets without skipping crucial steps in only 4 days! It might seem a bit complicated, so I tried to make this easy by color coding each step by which part of the cabinet you’re working on.]

Step-by-Step Outline

Cabinet Boxes

Doors and Drawers

  • Day 1:
    1. Label and disassemble all cabinet doors & drawers from cabinet box (1hour)
    2. Tape off edges (1 hour)
    3. Doors & Drawers: prep work (4 hours)
    4. Doors & Drawers Frontside: prime (1.5 hours)
  • Day 2:
    1. Cabinet Box: prep work (3 hours)
    2. Cabinet Box: prime (1.5 hours)
    3. Doors & Drawers Backside: flip and prime (1.5 hours)
    4. Cabinet Box: paint first coat (2 hours)
  • Day 3:
    1. Doors & Drawers Backside: paint first coat (1.5 hours)
    2. Optional – Hardware: spray paint (1 hour)
    3. Cabinet Box: paint second coat (2  hours)
    4. Doors & Drawers Backside: flip and paint first coat (2 hours)
  • Day 4:
    1. Install all cabinet doors & drawers (1.5 hours)
    2. Doors and Drawers (front & back): paint second coat (3 hours)
    3. Optional – Install the hardware and bumper stickers (1 hour)

I know this looks complicated, so I actually created a FREE visual cheatsheet and checklist for your convenience. You can print out this 3-page guide and have it handy for easy reference. Just sign up with the form below to receive it!

Do you see how going back and forth between the cabinet box and the doors & drawers streamlines the whole process? It might seem complicated on paper, but it actually makes a lot of sense. You’re fully utilizing the time it takes for paint to dry in order to finish the project as quickly as possible without skipping any crucial steps. Also, I made sure that we are allowing the paint to dry overnight for the most important and visible coats.

Some considerations for this method:

  1. You don’t have to be restricted to the 4-day timeframe. Instead, you can spread out the steps over a few days or weeks. However, painting cabinets this way requires a lot of space; therefore, it would be best for people like me who want to finish this project in a relatively short amount of time.
  2. You’re working 5-8 hours a day. However, for us, it actually took less than that because my husband and I were working together. Most of the time, we did each step together to cut the time for that step in half. Other times, we would each complete different steps simultaneously. For example, while my husband was disassembling the doors and drawers, I was taping off the edges.

The actual work is more tedious than complicated. As long as you’re able to use a brush and roller, you won’t have a problem in terms of skill. Even I did it, remember? The results will be totally worth it! I promise!

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Detailed Instructions

I’ll go over my tips and tricks for painting kitchen cabinets in 4 days. It’s easy to get the steps mixed up, forcing you to take long breaks to wait for the paint to dry, so make sure you have the cheat sheet handy for reference!

Day 1

1. Label and take out all the cabinet doors & drawers

Be sure to label the cabinet doors and drawers with their corresponding cabinet boxes. I used washi tape to make for easy removal later on! Also, here’s a tip: remove the doors from the hinges, but leave the hinges on the box. You can flip them into the box so they’re out of the way.
The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at - Tips for labeling and removing doors and drawers

2. Tape off edges

Tape off any areas you don’t want the paint to get on. That includes any appliances that are in contact with the cabinets (microwave, fridge, dishwasher, range, etc.)

3. Prep the doors & drawers

Many people think that the final coat of paint is the most important step, but actually, PREPPING IS THE MOST CRUCIAL STEP!! It is also the most time-consuming. Beware, omitting this step may directly affect the quality of the final results. Here’s what “prepping” consists of:

  • Remove the bumper stickers
  • Wipe surfaces with TSP or substitute – having said that, I used Clorox wipes, as I heard from a DIY friend that it works well too!
  • Sand down the surfaces. We used our Ryobi One+ Orbital Sander, which saved us a lot of time, but you can use a good ol’ sanding block to do the job.
  • Wipe all surfaces thoroughly with a tack cloth.

The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at

4. Prime the front side of the doors & drawers

Tip: Use a pair of 2X2’s or 2X4’s to create an assembly line for the cabinet doors. We used cardboard boxes to prop up the assembly line so we don’t have to bend too far (saves your back!).

Now, for the actual priming and painting, you can use a brush to cut corners and get into the grooves and a roller to get the flat areas. Like I said, my husband and I teamed up: he used the brush and I followed with the roller!

I recommend that you do not skip this step even if you are using paint with primer in it. I have a feeling that even if you skip using a separate primer, you would need to apply 3 coats of paint anyway and the results inferior. The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at

The first coat of primer will not look pretty, but it’s normal! The purpose of the primer is to prep the surface so the paint sticks better and more evenly.

Day 2

1. Prep the cabinet boxes

You can go through the same steps that you did for the doors and drawers.

  • Wipe surfaces with TSP or substitute (or Clorox wipes like I did)
  • Sand down the surfaces.
  • Wipe all surfaces thoroughly with a tack cloth.

The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at

2. Prime the cabinet boxes

Like you did for the doors & drawers, use a paint brush to get into the corners and grooves. Use a roller for the larger areas.

The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at

The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at

Ugh, I’m cringing so hard right now.. just the fact that I’m opening up the insides of my cabinets to the internet… As you can see, clutter is something I need to work on this year!

3. Prime the backside of doors & drawers

Flip over the doors & drawers and prime.

4. Paint first coat on the cabinet boxes

Fortunately, primer usually dries fast, so by the time you’re done priming the doors & drawers, the cabinet boxes should be ready to have their first coat of paint! Touch the surface with your hands and as long as it feels dry, you should be good to go!

If you see any major brush marks or unevenness in the dried primer, you can easily go over it with the sander to smooth it out. Just remember to wipe it well with the tack cloth after sanding to get all the dust particles!

Day 3

1. Paint first coat on the backside of doors & drawers

You don’t need to flip the doors & drawers, just paint the first coat. I purposefully planned the order this way to minimize the number of times you need to flip the doors & drawers, as it’s easy to ding the surface when flipping.

2. Spray paint the hardware

I chose to spray paint my existing stainless steel hardware to save money. The Rustoleum brand is my go-to spray paint for a realistic looking oil-rubbed bronze color. I don’t think anyone will be able to tell that it’s not actual bronze!

The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at - Easy way to spray paint kitchen hardware

3. Paint second coat on cabinet boxes

I found that 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint are sufficient to achieve the smooth, white finish and color I was aiming for. However, one thing I would do differently next time would be to add floetrol to the paint for a longer drying time and smoother results. Alternatively, you could buy the self-leveling type of paint, although those tend to be more expensive. The HGTV Sherwin Williams Infiniti brand that we used is pretty thick and dried fairly quickly, so sometimes brush marks were inevitable. You can’t usually see the brush marks due to the bright white color, but it’s visible sometimes when the light hits at a certain angle. They’re not significant enough for other people to notice, though.

4. Paint first coat on frontside of doors & drawers

You should be a pro at this by now, right!!??

Day 4

1. Install all cabinet doors & drawers

One thing we did differently from other people is that we chose to install the cabinet doors & drawers before painting the second coat. Our reasoning is two-fold:

  1. To get done with the project faster. This way, you can just paint the second coat and leave it out overnight to dry, and you’re done! You can wake up to your new kitchen the next day!
  2. It would be a bummer to paint the second coat and wait for it to dry, only to ding it during installation.

See? We had it all figured out because our priority was to get this done right, in the quickest way possible. 

If the doors get dinged a couple times during installation, no worries! Just smooth out with a sander before painting the second coat. The Most Efficient Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at - Install your cabinet doors after the first coat, then paint second coat

2. With the doors and drawers installed, paint the second coat on the frontside and backside.

When I completed the first coat of paint and let it dry, I was a bit disappointed to see that the color wasn’t the clean, white color that I wanted. Instead, some of the brown color underneath was still shining through and the whole surface appeared blotchy. But I found that the second coat makes all the difference. After applying the second coat, there were absolutely no signs of the dark color underneath, and it dried to a bright, even finish.

In terms of technique for painting the doors while they’re attached to the cabinet boxes, my advice is to paint the frontside, open the doors, then paint the backside. Then, you can leave the doors open to dry.

3. Install hardware and bumper stickers

Once the second coat of paint has at least 3-4 hours to dry, you can install the hardware and bumper stickers. Be careful, though, since the paint probably hasn’t fully dried hard! The screws for the hardware are installed through the backside of the doors, so we didn’t have much trouble installing them without dinging the paint.

On another note, if your cabinets don’t already have the holes for the hardware, I would wait until the paint is completely dry before drilling new holes to install the hardware.

So that’s it! I tried to explain all the steps as thoroughly and clearly as possible, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section!

Materials Used and Total Cost:


  • Ryobi One+ Orbital Sander
  • If painting the kitchen island a different color, another pint or gallon (depending on surface area) of paint would be needed. We bought a gallon of the same paint in Sherwin Williams Contemporary Grey – $48.00
  • Spray paint for hardware OR new hardware – $6.76

TOTAL: $197.51

So, I hope all this information is pushing you toward painting your own kitchen cabinets soon! Also, be sure to sign up to grab my FREE Cheatsheet for Painting Kitchen Cabinets to have handy when going into this project!

Want to paint your kitchen cabinets the right way in only 4 days?

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Update 4/7/2017: We finally finished our kitchen makeover, knocking out everything on the list! Follow my kitchen makeover journey here:

The Fastest Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Guaranteed Results at - How we did it in only 4 days with less than $200!

Any questions about this process? I would be happy to answer all your questions in the comments section!



    1. Briana

      Hi Ashley, thank you! I made the cheatsheet in hopes of helping someone out there who wants to save a lot of time like I did on this time-consuming project. Glad you liked it!

  1. Briana

    Hi Briana!,

    I really love this post and I love your blog!!!! Your kitchen came out looking absolutely amazing! I also love how much it brightened the room! I did this 2 years ago to my own kitchen. Well it was a kitchen which was down in the basement. My process was very similar to yours. I like how you mentioned to install the cabinet doors before you put on the final coat. This is something I really wish I would have done, but I learned the hard way. Great advice! It would have helped me out so much! Congrats on a new a beautiful kitchen! It looks so modern now and it’s an incredible transformation!

    1. Briana

      Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words 🙂
      It’s amazing how a little bit of brain power will make your whole project so much efficient!

  2. Briana

    Holy moly! This is beautiful in every way. I wouldn’t guess this was the same kitchen. Such detail and exactly what I would have loved to have when we painted our kitchen. Now that I think about it, it really is due for a spruce up! Definitely pinning for future reference 🙂

    1. Briana

      Hi Angie, thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing the love 🙂
      I would love to see your kitchen transformation – keep in touch!

  3. Briana

    I checked out your reveal post, what a difference the white cabinets made!!! Your cheat sheet is great and I pinned so I can get it later (I have to head out to my 9-5) this post wonderful very detailed and even I can paint cabinets after reading it! Thank you for sharing with us Create and Celebrate!!

    1. Briana

      Yes! What I really wanted to imply was that ANYBODY could do it with a little bit of strategy 🙂 Would love to see how you transform you cabinets!

  4. Briana

    Can I just say wow!! The kitchen looks fantastic. It looks so much brighter than the before picture. Love the colours. It’s great that you have cheat sheets:

  5. Briana

    Hello Briana!

    I just pinned this to reference when we finally tackle this project! I’m wondering if I should maybe bit the bullet and do this at least to our bottom cabinets before we install our new flooring next weekend! I just have a few questions. I’ve noticed from a lot of these blog posts that after living with the cabinets for several months post project that the paint can’t still smudge or even chip in places. Have you experienced any of this since completing the project? We have two young children and a large dog, so I’m sure you can imagine that they get a lot of traffic. We’re planning to paint our lower cabinets “Hale navy” by Benjamin Moore and the uppers a bright white in an effort to keep the lowers from having noticeable dirt from sticky/dirty fingers. If we ever go through with it we will certainly use your cheat sheet and I’ll be sure to come back and share the reveal.

    1. Briana

      Hi Jessica,

      First of all, thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment! You should totally just go for it – we were reluctant to start but now that it’s over, we’re so glad we bit the bullet. It’s been about a month and a half since we painted our kitchen cabinets and so far, the paint looks like the day we finished 🙂 I have 1 place that I have a very small chip, which was from me accidentally whacking the surface with a knife… Over time, I think small such chippings are inevitable since it’s the most used place in your house. But not skipping any steps like sanding, washing, and priming ensures that you have the best chance possible of the paint lasting. If you’re worried about it getting dirty, I would suggest you use semi-gloss paint as it’s easy to wipe the surface clean. I wiped off coffee, oil, and vegetable juice clean without stains so far. The navy and white cabinets sound so nice – I look forward to seeing it 🙂 Good luck and if you ever have any other questions, please let me know!


  6. Briana

    Wow well done! Looks so beautiful and clean afterwards. I’m definitely gonna keep this in mind the next time I do a makeover. I painted my kitchen cabinets a dark wood color but now I wanna change it to white.

    1. Briana

      Hi Merryl,

      I really like how dark wood cabinets (painted with gel stain, I assume?) look too! We ended up choosing white, though, to brighten up the room, and it worked big time!


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