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Being able to see beauty in the little things is a gift. Some people don’t have time, or the leisure, or the mindset to stop and take in the moment. That’s why I was a bit taken aback when I looked across from the table one Saturday morning and saw a bunch of fresh, lovely flowers. I was at church and I had been sitting at that table for the last hour, executing my usual morning routine, filling out a page of my Purposeful Day Planner.

Yet, it was the first time I noticed these flowers. And once I noticed them, I was taken aback at how I could possibly not noticed them earlier. They were so pretty and vibrant!
spring flowers vintage printable

I suppose in my determination to get things done, I wasn’t even able to notice something that was sitting 5 feet away from me. In fact, I was entrapped in my own 1 foot bubble.

A side effect of trying to live a purposeful life is that it is easy to lose sight of the moment. Because you’re so focused on crossing off that next checkbox, or you’re so determined to meeting that one goal, you develop tunnel vision on the next. Yet, we sacrifice the present in the process.

I think the key here is balance. Yes, I firmly believe in living purposefully and being organized at life, but sometimes you just have to pause and look around and let yourself enjoy the moment.

That Saturday, after taking a picture of those flowers, I stopped filling out the planner (just for a day!) and spent the rest of the morning making it into a pretty vintage print to frame. I wanted to remind myself of this moment! Flowers may fade but a valuable lesson can last a lifetime!

spring flowers vintage printable

I also wanted to share this print with y’all.

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spring flowers vintage printable

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