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Have you always wanted to try those PInterest projects but felt like you didn’t have the skills, time, or money?

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What you’ll gain from the course

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    The Right Mindset

    You’ll learn to equip yourself with the right mindset to become a fearless hobby trier and project starter.

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    The 2 Absolutely Essential Characteristics

    How to be creative AND productive in order to become a confident Try Everything-er

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    Practical & Applicable Step-by-Step Instructions

    You’ll receive practical instructions on how to choose, plan, and execute your next DIY or Craft Project.

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    Tips & Tricks for Staying on Budget

    Practical advice on how to not break the bank on DIY and Craft projects.

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    Complimentary Project Planning Worksheet

    Designed to help you put everything you learned in the course into practice. Comes with a sample worksheet to guide you through each step. Use this worksheet over and over again to plan your projects!

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