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Have you ever wanted to be creative, but felt like you didn’t have the skills, time, or the money? Me too!

I’ve found that so many women want to have some sort of creative outlet or start a new hobby, but don’t know where to start. In my blog, Try Everything, I showcase my easy-to-follow projects with step-by-step tutorials, being mindful of people who might be completely new beginners.

After all, I’ve been there too! My passion is to inspire you to become a serial hobby try-er and project do-er. 

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My Story

My husband and I literally had no experience whatsoever of doing DIY projects and home decorating. Our first ever “project” that we did was after we bought our first house in April 2016: installing curtain rods. It seemed easy on paper (I literally read like 50 blogs in preparation) but we ended up with a whole bunch of extra holes in the wall and one broken curtain rod.

Fast forward a couple months later, we had gone all out with a handful of projects, and our DIY skills keep getting better and better!

I started this blog once I realized that literally, ANYONE can become DIY-ers as long as you have the right resources. Since I’m relatively a newbie myself, I thought, who better to explain how to do stuff using basic materials and tools in plain, beginner terms?

So here we are! Please stay for a while and explore 🙂 I have put my heart into many of these projects, often starting from scratch with not much skill. I hope you find my precedent encouragement enough to start today!

The Girl Behind the Blog

I’m Briana, the wife to my lovely husband Min, a mother to three fur babies, and a serial hobby try-er and project do-er.

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